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Thanksgiving Thoughts [Nov. 16th, 2006|05:28 pm]
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On break yesterday, I took a quick 15 minute walk around the fringes of the heavily wooded corporate campus where I work. I always seem to find neat things that everyone is oblivious to, such as an acre of raspberry bushes, an apple tree, a little pine forest, and a mini wetland area. On my walks, I usually see some sort of interesting animal or bird scurrying around. It is not that unusual to see a deer or another furry forest creature.

Imagine my surprise when I saw four wild turkeys strutting around along my route. I thought I was imagining things because the birds quickly went out of sight behind some cattails. So, I slowly circled round and caught glimpse of it again, before it disappeared. I circled round the opposite way and caught sight of them in a depression, drinking water out of a small pool. I was able to stalk up to about five yards from the turkeys before they completely freaked out and ran, sort of like Jurassic Park dinosaurs, onto a ridge in the forest twenty-five yards away. Clearly, no one has told these birds that it is Turkey Season.

My experience yesterday has me salivating at the thought of Thanksgiving dinner this year. I really can't wait to dig into some turkey this year!

Click here to see video of the turkeys!